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Candle Care

Upon receipt of your candle please ensure that you allot at least 1- 2 hours for your first burn. This will make sure that the soy wax melts evenly. Moreover this helps avoid a tunneling affect.     

On your first burn please allow the soy wax to melt to the diameter of the jar.

  • Keep your candle on a safe flat surface.
  • For longer burn time of the candle keep in a draft free space.
  • After every burn the wick should be trimmed to at least ¼” for optimum burning.
  • If mushrooming occurs please trim the wick.
  • Keep away from children, curtains, pets, or anything that is flammable

All candles are hand-poured. Please note soy wax never looks perfect. You may see frosting or air bubbles however  this doesn't affect the candle burn quality. This is beauty of soy wax. Each soy candle is unique and has it's own identity.